Monday, 10 December 2012

Release Day!

Hi all!

Pack War is finally out!

Yummy guy on the left!
It's book three in my City Wolves series, and ties up a bunch of loose ends, while introducing two hot new guys. I hope you enjoy!


Friday, 30 November 2012

Preorder Pack War Now!

Hi all!

So, my third book in the City Wolves series is now up for preorder! I've put the blurb below, and there's an excerpt on the sale page. I hope you'll give them a read and see what you think. :o)


Victor Bailey and Farrell Doyle are longtime friends and pack mates. While they were attracted to each other from the moment they met, neither wanted to risk the friendship. That changes one night after an attack from a rival pack leaves Farrell wounded and Victor risking his life to protect him. They decide to try a casual relationship. If it doesn't work, it's no big deal, right?
At the same time a pack war is raging between their pack, ran by the powerful Ethan, and a rival pack ran by the sly Gabriel. Gabriel will stop at nothing to steal Ethan's territory from him, and doesn’t give a damn who he hurts along the way.

Will Victor and Farrell's friendship weather a relationship? And will the war leave anything remaining of their pack?

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Pack War has a cover!

Hi all,

So, I now have a cover for the final (for now) book in my City Wolves series, Pack War.

Isn't the guy on the left cute?! :o)

The book will be out on December 10th. Hope any who read it enjoy it!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Release Day!

Hi all,

My latest title, Pack Initiation (sequel to Pack Rules), is now out! (Excerpt at the bottom)

Darren Lane, a newly turned werewolf, finds love and friendship in experienced were Paul Christenson, and is soon invited into Paul’s wolf pack, led by alpha Ethan. Problems soon surface, though, when Paul’s old pack leader, Gabriel, attempts to blackmail Paul into committing a brutal crime. Just what is it that Gabriel holds over Paul’s head?

Paul is left with a dilemma. He refuses to do what Gabriel asks of him, but if he doesn’t Gabriel will reveal to Ethan the reason why Paul was forced out of his pack. He could tell Ethan himself and minimize the fallout, but he knows his new pack leader. If Ethan found out about Gabriel’s threats, it could lead to a pack war.

With tensions increasing between the two wolf packs, will Darren and Paul come through with their relationship, and their lives, intact?

Excerpt -

A new scent. Paul paused in the shadow of a nearby tree heavy with snow and sniffed the air. It was certainly a shifter, a male shifter, but the scent was muted. Light, almost airy, too. That meant that whoever they were, they hadn’t been a shifter for long.
On powerful legs, he sprinted in the direction of the scent. He was downwind, and the wolf was new and probably not used to their abilities, so he could get close as long as he slowed as he got near.
The trees rushed by on either side as Paul bounded through the deep snow. Going so fast was reckless if he hadn’t known the area, but Paul had hunted and played in the copse of trees for years. He knew every rabbit hole, every exposed root.
On he ran, dodging remembered trouble spots, running on instinct and adrenaline. The scent grew stronger as the other wolf changed direction, and Paul slowed and headed off to the side, coming to a halt behind a thick-trunked oak.
The new wolf came into sight a few seconds later, apparently unaware of Paul’s proximity. The wolf was smaller than him, with a lighter brown coat, but moved just as fast, if not faster. His muscles shifted under his skin like finely tuned machines.
Just as Paul thought he was in the clear, the wolf skidded to a halt and spun to face the tree he stood behind. Better senses than I gave him credit for.
Paul padded out from behind the tree, his pace slow, his stance unthreatening. The new wolf backed up a few steps, then stopped. He was obviously confused. Maybe the guy thought he was the only shifter in town. Boy, is he in for a shock.
The two wolves stood stock-still for a few seconds, then the new wolf bolted back the way he had come. Paul watched him go, then headed off further into the woods. He had some thinking to do.

* * * *

Darren scrabbled back through his tunnel into his shed and shook the dirt free from his fur, spattering the wooden walls with snow and dirt. He shifted back into his human form and quickly pulled on his clothes.
Who the hell was that wolf? No, not wolf, werewolf. Somehow Darren knew that the guy was the same as he was, and it freaked him the hell out. He retrieved his door key and placed a hand on the cold shed door, then paused. What if the wolf had followed him home? Wolves in the wild were territorial, so it made sense that at least some werewolves would feel the same. The wolf could be waiting on the other side of the door.
“I can’t stay in here all damn day,” he muttered.
After a deep breath, he pushed the door wide and stepped out, half expecting to be bowled over. There was no one, and no footprints in the snow other than his own, either. With a sigh of relief he jogged back to his kitchen door and let himself in, locking it behind him then kicking off his snow-covered boots.
The more he thought about the encounter, the less concerned he became about the wolf being hostile. Yes, the wolf had hidden behind a tree, and only a chance gust of wind had alerted him to its scent, but when discovered, the wolf revealed itself and didn’t show any hostility. If it wanted to, it could have torn out Darren’s back leg as he ran away. It would have been an easy kill.
He shuddered, and it wasn’t just from the low temperature. Before his change, even the mere thought of such fights would have him come out in a cold sweat, but since the wolf took up residence in his head, a coldness had settled over his thoughts. He wasn’t a fan, but it had its advantages. It was much easier to remain calm in situations that used to make him anxious. On the other hand, it had shortened his temper significantly. It was a tough balance to maintain.
Something on the floor caught his attention. It was the flyer for The Wolfpack. The opening of the door must have blown it off the table. He stooped to retrieve it and clipped it back onto the fridge.
A drink would take his mind off things. He’d call Robby and see if he was up for a night out.
“But first, a shower before I freeze to death.”

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Presenting Alex Bowman

Hi all!

So I was chatting with a fellow M/M author, the dashing Alex Bowman, and it was suggested that since we both have new books either out now or out soon, we should swap posts on our blogs. Sounds like a good idea to me! Without further ado, here's Alex.


First off, I want to thank JC for allowing me to come share today.

(Click me!)
Welcome to the world of the Soul Collector, a special human able to save other souls from the clutches of the Hell Demons that have stolen them.

In the first story, Losing His Religion, we met Jamie, the one male who would lead the Soul Collector Army, whether he wanted to or not. In Laying Down the Lawman, we meet Sheriff Jason McCall, a rugged officer hell-bent on saving his community from the new paranormal threat moving in. When he gets otherworldly help, he's not sure he wants it, nor is he sure he likes the attraction he feels for Prince Elia. His Majesty sets his sights on the human, determined to have him fight the war that's coming.

And determined to have him in his bed.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and happy reading!

Le excerpt (I'm so fancy - JC)

“Hands up where I can see them.”
Elia looked the human over, seeing the uniform of a lawman in the dim light, the moon casting a glint over the tin star on the man’s chest.  Law or not, there was a chance this man was working with Molock, so he needed to tread carefully.  He lifted his hands up and signaled his surrender, which was anything but.  At first chance, he would subdue the male and continue his perusal.
“Come out into the light so I can see you better.  Keep the hands up.”
Elia stepped forward and into the full moon’s illumination, shifting back into his human form before doing so.  Apparently he’d not been quick enough.
“Dammit, you’re one of them, aren’t you?”
Elia couldn’t help but bristle at the term them, or the way the man spit it out.  “One of what, officer?”
“Don’t play me.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”
Elia couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Quack, quack.”
The gun trained on him never wavered.  Elia stopped laughing as he saw Chastity get out of the car from the corner of his eye.
“Chastity?  What are you doing up here?”  The man never removed his eyes from Elia.  Smart man.
“Aww, Sheriff McCall, whatchu got your gun out for?  This gentleman has been nothing but nice to me.”
“Well, this gentleman seems to have put himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
“How’s that, sheriff?  Is there a law against stopping in to see if a friend is home?”
“A friend?”  The sheriff lowered his voice an octave, as if he didn’t want Chastity to hear what he had to say.  “I know what you freaks are doing up here.  There’ll be no more killings in my county.  Is that why you brought her up here, to drain her blood and pitch her body into the river like the others?”
Drain her blood?  Elia’s mind spun as he tried to insert that knowledge into what he already knew.
Was Molock working with vamps? 
Mother-fucker.  He looked the sheriff over one more time, wondering if he should keep playing dumb or if he needed to lay some of his cards out on the table to offer to share a little information.  The officer could potentially help give him more of the intel he would need to take down the demon, to see what they were up to and how wide the net spread.
“Sheriff, you’ve got it all wrong.  You really do.  I’m on your side in this.  I saw all the strange disappearances in Jackson and came here to help.  I’m a demon hunter.”  Elia took a tentative step forward, knowing if he could get close enough, he could tell the sheriff to release him and to forget everything that had just happened.  If he could just get a good look into the man’s eyes.
“Stay the fuck back.”
Elia took another tentative step closer.  “Molock has left a trail of dead bodies in his wake before.  I can help you.”
The gun never moved or shook.  Elia felt an instant of respect for the man behind the weapon.  “I said, stand your ground.  Do not move closer or I will shoot you.”
“Now, sheriff, I’m not trying to hurt anyone. I just came out here to see what Molock was up to and to see how to stop him.”  Elia was only a few feet away now and could finally get a good look at the sheriff’s face.  He was younger than Elia expected, his skin smooth.  The wide brim of his Stetson cast a shadow over half his face, but the wide mouth was expressive, the lips curved and bowed.  The peppering of beard growth just made the male all the more attractive.  A twinkling light came from where his eyes should be.
Elia captured the stare as best he could, staring at where those twinkles were.  “You’ll release me now, and let the woman go.  We were never here.”
“What kind of bullshit is that?”
Elia grimaced.  Apparently, he’d not gotten a good enough look into the man’s eyes when he’d issued the command.  He’d need to get closer, pop the hat off him.  He took another carefully measured step.
“I will not hesitate to shoot you.  Take one more step and you’re gonna have a hole in you.”
Elia knew he needed to be quick.  He’d have to jump the sheriff and pin him to the ground, get the ridiculous cowboy hat off him and capture his stare.  Once it was all over, the human would never realize what had even happened.  In the blink of an eye, he pounced, but not before the human let off a round from his gun.  Elia was too fast and the bullet didn’t get him in the intended spot, but rather, slipped just past his shoulder, nicking him.
The pain lanced through his arm, but he couldn’t stop until he had gotten the officer to forget him.  Tumbling him to the ground, he soon landed on top of the human and wrestled him for the gun.  The thing went off in their hands, hitting the Mercedes on the side.  Dammit, my car!  He heard Chastity scream and begin running, her feet sounding over the pebbled drive.
Elia somehow knocked the hat from the man and saw him for the first time, Elia not needing as much light to see in the moonlit night.   A strong brow covered the most intense set of green eyes he’d ever seen.  An aquiline nose ended above those firm lips, taut cheeks sloped down to a firm jaw.  The man was absolutely stunning.
He tried to ignore the jade green and how incredibly beautiful those eyes were.  He also tried to ignore how turned on he was getting, too, the strapping man fighting with incredible strength below him.  He tried to ignore how rock hard his cock was already becoming.


Losing His Religion

Laying Down the Lawman

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rook's Demon - Out Now!

Hi all!

My latest MM paranormal erotic romance is out now! Click here for the link!

Tattooist Robert “Rook” Michaels hasn't had much of a love life of late. That changes after a chance encounter in the local night spot when he meets the man of his dreams in the mysterious Damon.

The pair finds themselves to be compatible in every way, especially in the bedroom, but Damon has a secret, a hell of a secret. He is an incubus, a centuries-old demon that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. When he meets Rook, though, for the first time in decades he has more on his mind than just sex. He wants a partner. Someone he can relax with and confide in. Someone who he can tell everything to without fear of rejection.

The question is how will Rook react when Damon finally comes clean about his true nature?

I hope you enjoy!


Friday, 20 July 2012

More Titles Coming Soon!

Hi all!

I've just received the cover for my next Siren release, Rook's Demon. Here it is, along with the blurb:

Tattoist Robert 'Rook' Michaels meets the man of his dreams in the mysterious Damon.
But Damon has a secret, a hell of a secret. He is an incubus, a centuries old demon that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. When he meets Rook, though, for the first time in decades he has more on his mind than just sex.
The question is how will Rook react when Damon finally comes clean about his true nature?

It'll be out in late August. I hope those who pick it up enjoy it!

As well as that title, the sequel to Pack Rules, currently named Pack Initiation, will be out in September. At first I wasn't going to turn it into a series, but after it was so well received I decided to stay in the world a little longer! Both Pack Rules and the sequel will be put into print early next year, too, so keep an eye out for them! :o)


Monday, 14 May 2012

It's Out!

Okay, so technically it's been out for four days, but shush. :-P
Pack Rules is no longer on pre-order, and is now available to buy and download instantly from Just click on that link and it'll take you to it.

I'm happy to say that I've been rocketing up the bestseller list, too! People sure do love shifters. :o)


Monday, 7 May 2012

Pack Rules, up for Pre-Order!

Hi all,

My latest erotica work, an M/M titled Pack Rules is now available for pre-order on Siren Bookstrand! It's out on May 10th, if you're not a fan of pre-orders (I rarely am). :o)

"Ethan Stevenson, one-half upstanding bar owner, one-half wolf-shifter and pack leader, wants sex. A casual encounter to get his urges back under control and relieve the stress of new pack tensions. His heart has other ideas.
After an aborted hookup with newly un-closeted Conor Black, Ethan finds he can't get the man out of his head, and it's not long before they find themselves in each other's arms once again.
Unfortunately for both, a member of Ethan's pack is attempting a power play, and is not above dirty tricks to reach his goal.
Will Ethan and Conor come out unscathed, and will they still feel the same about each other after the dust settles?"

Excerpt - 

Ethan Stevenson flipped the cap from the cool bottle with the tip of his thumb and took a long, slow sip of the first beer of the night. Heaven. The bar was quiet tonight, but it was early. He was sure he could find someone to fuck before closing.
All right, so that sounded a little blunt, even for him. He smirked and glanced up as the head bartender, Avani, walked past on the other side of the bar. She stopped and cocked her head.
“What’s so funny, big guy?”
“Nothing.” He tapped the counter with a finger. “Line ’em up.”
She bent over, the generous contents of her tight top entirely lost on Ethan, and retrieved two more beers from a fridge. “I’ll put them on your tab, shall I? Or are you going to actually put money in the register for once?”
He raised an eyebrow as she flicked a stray black hair from her dusky-skinned face. “Tab will be fine, thanks.”
“Thought it might.”
The woman walked off to abuse another customer, leaving Ethan to his thoughts once more.
It had been too long since he was out, and even longer since he’d been out with another person. The relationship with Rory had ended on such a sour note that for the longest time, the idea of dating made him want to punch holes in a wall. Still, it had been long enough. He needed to get back into the game.
He spun on his barstool to take in the sights. There weren’t many yet.
A few overly camp twentysomethings were dancing on the small raised dance floor in the centre of the room, and one or two of the red leather booths were occupied by solo drinkers. Nobody caught Ethan’s eye, especially not the twink who kept winking at him. Who the hell winks these days?
Regardless, he didn’t go for that kind of guy. He wanted someone he could play pool with. Before he bent him over the table and showed him his own cue, anyway.
It was still early. Someone would show, ideally with a tight body, good hair, teeth...He shook his head. Damn full moon was on the rise. Tendrils of fog crept into his mind, dulling his thoughts and sharpening his already dagger-like senses.
“Damn it,” he muttered as he rubbed his thumb and forefinger against his eyes.
“You all right?”
He glanced up at Avani, who was polishing a glass. “I’m fine.”
Someone dropped onto the stool beside him and rapped their knuckles on the bar. Ethan winced at the too-sharp sound.
“Hey,” the new person said. “Can I get some service here?”
Avani gave him a cursory glance. “In a minute.”
The man muttered under his breath as she fussed with a few more glasses. Ethan restrained a smirk. He’d seen her do it a dozen times to a dozen different people, but it never got old. If she wasn’t feeling friendly, you waited your damn turn.
“You believe this?” the man said to Ethan.
Ethan turned his head just enough to acknowledge the man—typical trendy arsehole with too many beers in him—and grunted in reply.
“I’m a fucking customer,” the man continued. “I should get what I want, when I want.”
Ethan nodded, restraining the urge to rip the man’s goatee from his face. On the best of days, he had a short temper, but when the moon was high and he hadn’t shifted in a while, he was not a man to irritate.
The man slammed his fist on the counter. “Hey! Take my fucking order!”
If Avani was in the least bit fazed, she didn’t let it show. “No.”
The man looked like his head would explode. “What did you say?”
“I said no.” She put her glass on the counter, her hands either side of it. “You’ve had too much. Go home.”
“I’ll say when I’ve had enough.”
The pair argued back and forth as Ethan tried to stay out of it. The man was now standing and leaning over the bar, his face an inch from Avani’s.
“Get. Me. Your. Fucking. Manager!”
He screamed the last word, and Ethan could hear the sounds of murmured conversation behind him. Avani’s gaze flitted to Ethan’s for just a moment, and he raised an eyebrow. She smiled back at the drunk.
“Sure thing.” She turned to Ethan, tugging one of her many ear-piercings in amusement. “Boss? This gentleman wants a word.”
With a sigh, Ethan climbed from his stool and pulled himself up to his full six-and-a-half-feet height. To the drunk’s credit, he didn’t back down.
“What kind of place are you running here?” he shouted, his fists clenching at his sides. “Rude staff, shit music, and overpriced fucking beer!”
Ethan rubbed at the back of his neck. The hairs were thickening already, and he could feel the pressure in his fingers as his nails tried to lengthen.
The man laughed. “Leave?” He glanced around the bar. “Who’s going to make me?”
Ethan opened his mouth to reply and the man tried to put a fist in it. The blow never got close. Ethan knocked the fist aside and slammed his own larger fist into the man’s gut. He crumpled to the floor, gasping for air, and Ethan dropped back into his stool.
“I’m surprised you held off so long, boss,” Avani said, the glass back in her hands.
Ethan scratched at his ear. “If we give in to our urges too easily, even on the full moons, we become nothing more than animals.”
She nodded in reply. “I tell ya, if I hadn’t had a run myself last night, I’d be a wreck right now.”
“You thought ahead, though, unlike me. Shows brains.” He smirked. “That’s why you’re my right-hand wolf.”
Avani grinned, allowing her canines to lengthen for just a moment before retracting. “Go home, boss. Throw your clothes on the floor, and go hunt.”
“Now that sounds like a plan.”

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Just a Taste

Hi all!

My erotic short story, Just A Taste, is now available for sale via Iron Rose Press, at All Romance Ebooks! It'll be coing to Amazon within a day or two, and other sellers soon after, so keep your eyes peeled! :o)
Click me!

"Jenna is a succubus, a creature that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. And she's good at her job. Who wouldn't be after 700 years? When Terry tries to pick her up in a bar, she takes him back to her place for a night literally straight out of his dreams. "


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Release Day!

Hi all,

It's release day! About Aiden is now available from, and is already on the bestseller's list! :o)

There're excerpts on the page, too, so go and have a look!

Love to all,


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

About Aiden Pre-Order

Hey all!

You can now pre-order About Aiden HERE. I've included a story excerpt below, and if you click on the link, you can also see an adult excerpt, too. :o)



“Aiden. No last name that I know of.” Terry twisted the phone cord around his fingers. “Yeah. He was in a fight outside your club last night, I hear. Well, no, I’m not police. I’m a reporter for The Parano— Hello? Crap.”
He replaced the receiver and rubbed his aching neck. His first lead in three damn weeks, and the club wouldn’t talk about it. From the reports, the man, Aiden, had been attacked by three shifters at once in the alley around the back of The Pit and walked away without a scratch. Even if that was an exaggeration, it was still worth an article by itself. Readers were always asking for Aiden scoops.
Terry sat back in his chair and dropped his legs back to the floor. One more week and I’m history. His boss hadn’t been kidding around this time. Not after the fiasco with the reported “merman” who turned out to be a sweaty man in a latex tail. Unfortunately Terry hadn’t found the truth until after he’d flown halfway across the globe on the newspaper’s money. When he’d given his boss the bad news, he was very nearly left stranded with no return ticket.
Speaking of whom...He dropped his legs back to the floor as Mr. Jacobson poked his sweat-sheened bald head around the door of the office.
Terry put on a fake enthusiastic smile. “I’m pretty sure it was him. The club isn’t talking, bu—”
“One week left, Reeves.” Jacobson stuck out a pudgy finger. “One!”
Terry nodded then winced as the door slammed shut. The task was a setup, of that there was no doubt. Jacobson wanted him out of his office, so he ordered Terry to find a man who some people didn’t even believe existed.
The name had changed over the years, but the description of the man, and his achievements, didn’t. By all accounts, he was a veritable superhero. Terry pulled two surveillance photos and a printout of a mobile phone shot from a slim manila folder and slapped them onto the desk.
They weren’t the best photos, but they were all he had, and that was more than anyone else had managed in a decade. Aiden was between six and six and a half feet tall, stocky with short black hair, and always wore a long trench coat. The rumoured reasons for this were as logical as to hide his sword and as farfetched as to hide his wings. Terry was hoping for the latter, given that he worked forThe Paranormal Times and not The Random Vigilante Times. Not that there was much chance of him being human. The man had been sighted in a dozen events this year alone, was always fighting against something undesirable and always winning, no matter the odds. I’d let him wrestle me to the floor anytime.
He tried to concentrate on the matter at hand. Jacobson had given him the job because he knew that it was impossible. No fewer than ten other reporters had tried to locate Aiden in the past year alone, and every one had failed.
“Well, I’m not going to be one of them.”
He stood and stretched out his back then yawned and ran a hand over his two days of stubble. He needed a shower and a shave, and then it was time to visit The Pit. The chances of Aiden returning were slim—he’d rarely done so in the past—but maybe there was something to be found in the alley. After a drink. Maybe I’ll get lucky in the club, too. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d got lucky. Pretty sure dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

Friday, 13 January 2012

About Aiden

Hi all!

I just got the cover art for my upcoming Siren release, About Aiden!

I love it! Can't wait for the story to come out! February can't come soon enough. :o)

More details to follow!