Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rook's Demon - Out Now!

Hi all!

My latest MM paranormal erotic romance is out now! Click here for the link!

Tattooist Robert “Rook” Michaels hasn't had much of a love life of late. That changes after a chance encounter in the local night spot when he meets the man of his dreams in the mysterious Damon.

The pair finds themselves to be compatible in every way, especially in the bedroom, but Damon has a secret, a hell of a secret. He is an incubus, a centuries-old demon that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. When he meets Rook, though, for the first time in decades he has more on his mind than just sex. He wants a partner. Someone he can relax with and confide in. Someone who he can tell everything to without fear of rejection.

The question is how will Rook react when Damon finally comes clean about his true nature?

I hope you enjoy!


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