Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hoo, it's been far too long since I posted on here! I have to admit that social networking really isn't my thing. Could you tell? :o)

Anyway, instead of popping my newer releases since my last post in individual posts, I'll put them in here, and update the links on the right.

Harlan Weatherly is a Hunter, a shifter who metes out justice to those of his kin who think themselves above the law. He's also horny as hell.
After his latest hunt goes wrong, leaving a fleeing and bitten victim, he has to work hard to track down the man and train him in the ways of shifters. His job gets that much harder when he finds out that the man in question is none other than Mitchell "Mitch" Shaw, world famous rock star. After a chance encounter in a gay bar the two soon come together, but it quickly becomes clear that training isn't the only thing on their minds.
On top of a burgeoning relationship, and getting used to living the life of luxury, Harlan also has to avoid the increasingly ferocious attacks of his latest target’s wolf pack.
Can Harlan and Mitch’s relationship weather the oncoming storm?

After a messy breakup with a cheating boyfriend, Luke Clarke decides to do something he hasn't been able to do for a long time—let his hair down and have some sleazy fun in the restroom of a gay club. Days later, his friend sets him up with one of her other friends, Brandon Main. Luke is reluctant at first, thinking it too soon, but they eventually meet and both men are surprised to find that they already met, back in that restroom. Despite the odd start, a relationship soon blossoms.
But Luke’s ex isn’t through with the relationship. He wants Luke back and threatens to reveals Luke’s biggest secret—the fact that he’s a shape-shifter, able to take on the form of a wolf.
How will Luke get rid of Johnny before the man reveals his secret, and regardless of who tells him, how will Brandon react when he finds out that the man he’s falling for isn’t entirely human?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Going The Distance (plus an offer!)

My latest MM title, Going The Distance, is now OUT!

Greg Stevens and Andrew Dean met online years ago through a mutual interest—they are both shifters, enhanced humans able to take the form of wolves at will. When Greg's English pack decides to form a merger with an American pack, he jumps at the chance to act as an ambassador, as well as meet Andrew in the flesh.
After a nervous start, their relationship quickly moves up to the next level, and love soon blossoms. At the same time, though, Greg is busy interviewing Andrew's pack to see if they're suitable to merge with his own.
Are the two packs compatible? And what will happen to Greg and Andrew's relationship if they aren't?

And on top of that, if you buy the book before April 25th, you can buy my City Wolves series for only $3.75 each! Click the pic for more information.