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No sooner do I hit "Publish" on the previous post, and I get another review!

This one is for Tutoring Lucas, and is just as good as the previous review! :o)

Here's the link!


David watched Lucas Stevenson gnaw at the end of his pen and wished he was putting his lips to better use. He wasn’t fussy how they were used, as long as they were on one of his body parts.

The guy was pure sex. Two years of competing on the university’s swimming team had left him with the kind of body you saw in underwear ads or on the front of GQ, but he’d never developed the attitude that went with it. David knew for a fact he was gay, too, as he’d seen him about campus with several of his boyfriends. Lucky bastards.

Lucas’s sculpted eyebrows furrowed, and he glanced up at David. “I don’t understand this.”

David leaned over the cafeteria table. “Which part?”

“The second section. It’s not making sense to me.”

“Here.” He flipped to an earlier chapter of the book and talked Lucas through the part he was having difficulty with. “That help?”

“Tons.” Lucas smiled. “Thank God for tutors.”

David gave a perfunctory smile in response, then dropped his head to his own book to hide his blush. He’d had no interest in the tutor program at first—it’s not like he needed the credits—but when he’d heard his crush of the last two years needed help with his math course, he’d signed up like a shot. After a dull few weeks mentoring someone else, he got lucky and had been assigned to Lucas.

It’s not like the guy wasn’t smart, either. He’d gotten into the university just fine, and had no difficulty with most stuff. He just had a hard time with some parts, and David was happy to talk him through them. He’d like to do a few other things with him too. That would take balls, though. Lucas’s watch beeped and he glanced at it, then closed his book and stood. “Training time. Thanks for the help, David.” He thrust out a hand. “It’s appreciated.”

“My pleasure.”

It was probably David’s imagination, but the handshake lasted a little longer than normal. Lucas broke it with a smile and walked toward the exit of the cafeteria. After a few feet he turned back.

“You watching the semi-finals next week?”

“If I have time, yeah. There are a couple of big exams headed my way soon, though.”

He nodded. “Well, if you can make it, let me know. I’ll get you a good seat.”

How about a seat on your cock? David felt himself color. “Thanks, I’ll let you know.”

The book is available on Dreamspinner's website.



New Review!

Hello to my super six followers! :o)

Just a quick post to say that I've just recieved a great review for One Wild Weekend! Here's the link. If you haven't read the story, here's an excerpt, too!

The waiter disappeared and Mimi leaned in conspiratorially. “How’s the sex?”

Bobby nearly choked on her water. “What?”

“The sex.” Mimi rolled her eyes. “You know, when a man puts his pee-pee in the woman’s hoo-haa? Or maybe even her boom-boom.”

Bobby snorted a laugh. “Nut.”

“I’d hope he has two.”

She sighed and leaned in too. “To be honest, the bedroom doesn’t see much action these days. Either I’m too tired, or Chris is, or we’ve been fighting.”

Mimi nodded, then sat up again. “There’s your problem.”

“The fighting?”

“The lack of sex.”

Bobby could feel herself colour. She was no prude, but discussing such things with her assistant—no matter how well they got on—and in public, was not her idea of a fun time.

“When was the last time you two did it?”

“Uh…” Her mind rolled back to the aborted handjob that morning. That had been the most action she’d seen in too long a time. "Couple of weeks. Maybe a month.”

Mimi’s eyes went wide. “Seriously? You have a hottie like Chris living in your house, and you aren’t throwing him down every chance you get?”

“Like I said, Mimi, w—”



“You heard. You ain’t my boss when we’re at lunch so I can call BS when I need to.”

“Bullcrap is BC, not BS.” Bobby grinned. “Go on then, read me my rights.”

“Sex is vital in a relationship, honey. It affirms your love, shows devotion, and it feels good.” Mimi winked. “I was having the same problem with Steve, so we decided to put in some real effort, and it really worked. One night I came home to find him lying naked on the couch, hard as a rock and pouring honey on his chest.”

“Whoa!” Bobby held up her hands. “More than I needed to know, Mimi. And Steve? As in the guy you’re no longer with?”

“That wasn’t because of the sex—that was because I found I wasn’t the only one licking honey off his nipples.”

The conversation halted abruptly as the waiter appeared. Bobby looked down at her green salad and wished she’d paid attention when Mimi ordered hers. “I guess Chris does want to try a few things.” She sighed.

“After a day at work, though, all I want to do most nights is sleep.”

“Got any holidays you haven’t taken?” Mimi gestured with half a stick of celery.

“You’re always forgetting to use them.”

“Well, yeah, bu—”

“Take tomorrow off. Fridays are always slow. If you can get Monday too, that’s four days to
fuck like bunnies.” She bit the celery in half. “I guarantee by the time you go back to work, you won’t be making excuses about tiredness. Chris’ll be fighting you off with a stick.”

The book is available at both Amazon, and the publisher's website.



Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tutoring Lucas

Hi all five of you! :o)

My latest title was released today! It's called Tutoring Lucas, and is available here.

To David Stark, Lucas Stevenson is pure sex. Competing on the university swim team has given him the kind of body you see in underwear ads or on the cover of GQ, and David volunteers in the tutoring program just for a chance to spend time with him. When he finally works up the courage to ask Lucas out, and Lucas says yes, David is over the moon, even though he’s still not sure what Lucas sees in a geek like him. But it turns out that Lucas has a few lessons to teach David too.