Friday, 20 July 2012

More Titles Coming Soon!

Hi all!

I've just received the cover for my next Siren release, Rook's Demon. Here it is, along with the blurb:

Tattoist Robert 'Rook' Michaels meets the man of his dreams in the mysterious Damon.
But Damon has a secret, a hell of a secret. He is an incubus, a centuries old demon that feeds upon lust and sexual energy. When he meets Rook, though, for the first time in decades he has more on his mind than just sex.
The question is how will Rook react when Damon finally comes clean about his true nature?

It'll be out in late August. I hope those who pick it up enjoy it!

As well as that title, the sequel to Pack Rules, currently named Pack Initiation, will be out in September. At first I wasn't going to turn it into a series, but after it was so well received I decided to stay in the world a little longer! Both Pack Rules and the sequel will be put into print early next year, too, so keep an eye out for them! :o)


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