Friday, 30 November 2012

Preorder Pack War Now!

Hi all!

So, my third book in the City Wolves series is now up for preorder! I've put the blurb below, and there's an excerpt on the sale page. I hope you'll give them a read and see what you think. :o)


Victor Bailey and Farrell Doyle are longtime friends and pack mates. While they were attracted to each other from the moment they met, neither wanted to risk the friendship. That changes one night after an attack from a rival pack leaves Farrell wounded and Victor risking his life to protect him. They decide to try a casual relationship. If it doesn't work, it's no big deal, right?
At the same time a pack war is raging between their pack, ran by the powerful Ethan, and a rival pack ran by the sly Gabriel. Gabriel will stop at nothing to steal Ethan's territory from him, and doesn’t give a damn who he hurts along the way.

Will Victor and Farrell's friendship weather a relationship? And will the war leave anything remaining of their pack?

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